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Devon Boyce: High Road House

How long have you been working with Soho House Group?

Since 2008. I started as sous chef at BKB and moved into the head chef role the following year. Then I was offered head chef at High Road House in Chiswick, London, looking after two kitchens.

Where did you get most of your inspiration throughout your career?

My inspiration came from living in South Africa in the sunshine, by the ocean. Much of my training was at the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town, rated as one of the top 15 hotels in the world. The quality of food and availability of fresh produce and seafood are second to none.

What do you most like to cook?

Definitely modern European and British.

What is your signature dish?

Scallops, buttered chanterelle mushrooms and chestnuts.

What do you cook at home?

I love to cook Thai and Indian, for a change!

What is your favourite cookbook?

Larousse Gastronomique bible, without a doubt.

What do you look for in your chefs?

I look for a lot of energy, which comes hand in hand with a good attitude. Passion is essential, otherwise there’s no quality. Oh, and definitely common sense too!

What is your most memorable meal

It was somewhere called the Asian Kitchen in Capetown…I have never tasted Peking Duck like it. I went back every two weeks, so I guess I have had multiple memorable meals. Seriously untouchable.